Towing • Recovery • Transport • Repairs • Repo

• Light- and Heavy-duty Towing and Recovery
From the family mini-van that won’t start to an oil tanker on its roof, OK Wrecking has the expertise and equipment to handle the situation.

• Automotive Repair
OK Wrecking’s six-bay facility performs total repairs on automobiles and light trucks. We have the most current diagnostic equipment and parts access to professionally repair your vehicle in a timely manner.

• Transport
Fifty-three-foot trailers — drop-deck and box style — are available to transport all types of loads (large vehicles, construction equipment, etc.) local and long distance, and our company is insured for any cargo.

• Load Transfers
If your semi trailer is down, we can transfer the load to another trailer, or one of our trailers, and get you back on the road. Our facility features a two-truck loading dock, which makes the process of transferring loads quick and efficient.

• Load Shifts
You can rely on OK Wrecking to handle load shifts with care to protect your cargo and get the job done as rapidly as possible.

• Storage
For storage of anything from automobiles to semi trucks and trailers, OK Wrecking has ample space — inside and out. Our 3,600-square feet of inside storage (which can store up to four semi trucks and trailers) is heated and secure. Four acres of outside storage is lighted and fenced.

Storage areas are available for OK Wrecking customers, or anyone with storage needs. Trucking, paving and pipe boring companies are just a few of the customers that take advantage of our storage capability for their equipment. Your property is secure with us.

• Repossessions
OK Wrecking performs professional repossession services for all types of collateral — from vehicles to equipment — and we are highly successful. Our agents are experienced, courteous and knowledgeable of repossession laws and regulations. Since 1975, lenders and insurance firms have trusted us.